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We’ve been helping customers find plantar fasciitis relief for many years. If you have chronic pain come give us a try, it’s free!

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It’s hard to remember that we’re all born with flat feet, and if you’re looking down at your feet right now confused, we did the same thing. But don’t worry, the quick explanation is most of the population’s feet outgrow this flat feet phase with an arch by ages 5-6. However, there are some cases when you don’t outgrow your flat feet stages, and for the most part, it will go unnoticed until any significant pain arises. A big reason flat feet goes unnoticed is because your body grew up with different biomechanics, therefore leaving you accustomed to flat feet mobility. The biomechanics of the arches of your foot are best explained as the energy behind the flex of the arch that enables you to propel in your desired direction. The arches of your feet are important regarding fully functioning mobility, and correct balance in your body’s weight.

Although some cases go unnoticed, there are cases in which the flat feet pain weighs heavy on people’s daily lives and it might not be the end of the world but it does feel like it. There is no treatment for the pain, but therapy recommendations include stretches, and supportive shoes/insoles. Pain aside, an arch provides a better range of mobility, so if you’re wanting to find a solution for better range of motion or balance, custom fitted insoles are calling your name. In these cases, if you feel like you haven’t found an effective way to manage the pain, it’s time to meet Ideal Feet’s professionally trained staff for top notch care and expert recommended resources for flat feet.

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Vanessa Ruiz
Ideal feet is a lifesaver!! I wish I would've gotten them sooner!after cutting hair for almost 14 yrs I immediately felt instant relief once I started with them. You will not be disappointed! These guys know what they are doing! Thank you!
Mandie Reedy
I’m on my feet most of the day, by the end of the workday my feet are killing me so I stopped In at ideal feet to see if they could help. I felt relief within minutes of putting on the supports. Its been a couple weeks now and at the end of the day my feet still feel great. I wish I would’ve done this years ago.
Thomas K
This store is awesome! They took the time to find out about my pain and my needs. I didn’t feel like I was just getting rushed into buying something they actually made me feel very comfortable. The supports feel great, so happy I did this! wish I would’ve done this years ago. Ask for Troy he’s amazing!