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We’ve been helping customers find foot pain relief for many years. If you have chronic pain come give us a try, it’s free!

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Foot Pain Help

Do not feel left out from the majority, foot pain targets nearly every lifestyle. Some of the biggest causes of foot pain stem from an improper shoe fit, high-impact sports, and underlying health conditions. And if you’ve made it to this blog, that’s enough to tell us you’re seriously considering some sort of treatment or solution.

My personal story with foot pain begins in the midst of working a full time job, on my feet for hours. I think after the first week of being on the floor of my 9-5 job, I couldn’t even enjoy my weekends because I was in so much pain from the time I got into bed that continued the next morning. The foot pain lasted for about two weeks untreated, and honestly I left the problem untreated because I just thought it was something my body would grow accustomed to.

Boy was I completely in the wrong. After a quick visit to the doctor, there the solution was, in plain sight and a close reach, custom shoe insoles. When I say custom shoe insoles were in plain sight, it’s because I honestly don’t even know how I didn’t think of it sooner. Of course shoe wear would alter my foot health, and I knew that, but I lacked knowledge in the fact that a proper shoe fit has more to do with arch support than a trusted brand name. The mechanics behind shoe insoles prove to show support for posture and balance. With that being said, the reason I was in so much foot pain was because neglecting my foot health caused more problems on my entire body mechanics, not because the lifestyle I was living was out of my reach. It is now February 2021, and I am so thankful to say my foot pain has been completely eliminated and no longer affects my day-to-day life.

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Vanessa Ruiz
Ideal feet is a lifesaver!! I wish I would've gotten them sooner!after cutting hair for almost 14 yrs I immediately felt instant relief once I started with them. You will not be disappointed! These guys know what they are doing! Thank you!
Mandie Reedy
I’m on my feet most of the day, by the end of the workday my feet are killing me so I stopped In at ideal feet to see if they could help. I felt relief within minutes of putting on the supports. Its been a couple weeks now and at the end of the day my feet still feel great. I wish I would’ve done this years ago.
Thomas K
This store is awesome! They took the time to find out about my pain and my needs. I didn’t feel like I was just getting rushed into buying something they actually made me feel very comfortable. The supports feel great, so happy I did this! wish I would’ve done this years ago. Ask for Troy he’s amazing!